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Normally communities or smaller airports do not have the staff for handling a noise and track monitoring system and for issuing reports for the public.

Therefore we offer the complete business operation, the service and maintenance of our system. The customer can always operate the system, check reports and verify the results.

Parts of our services:

  • Maintenance and periodic calibration
  • Execution of all correlations (automatic, manual and by listening into the noise event, in case of absence of radar data).
  • Verification of the measurement results
  • Monthly and weekly shipping of reports
  • All services are done by skilled personnel


Our IT structure enables the operation of multiple systems in our air-conditioned IT-rooms. A symmetrical internet connection and a state of the art firewall allow safe and fast access to your system. All data is backed up on a daily basis. The system operates as if it is installed in your IT-rooms.

Customer's benefits:

  • Only one VPN-connection between airport and noise monitoring system
  • No routing inside the airport to the external noise monitoring stations
  • Simple and safe access via RDP and HTTP protocol
  • No backup procedures necessary
  • No operating system or database release changes

Where necessary a data acquisition system has to be installed locally for radar and AODB data.


Topsonic also leases complete noise and track monitoring systems (stations, servers and software). The minimum duration is 5 years. After end of leasing the customer is able to extend the contract or to buy the equipment. Leased equipment is covered under Topsonic’s maintenance.

Not included in a lease contract are damages caused by vandalism, lightning and theft. The lease product can be combined with our products IT-Hosting and Evaluation.