Fluglärm- Flugspur-Monitoring

topsonic — Aircraft noise and flight track monitoring system

Our system fulfills all requirements of a modern noise and track monitoring system – appropriate to the national standards.

All programs are user-friendly and easy to handle and have been enhanced by a continous co-operation with our customers. Our Microsoft Office compatible analyses and reports are generated at the push of a button and do not need any further treatment before publishing.

Umwelt-Information-System TraVIS

topsonic — Environmental information system TraVis

TraVis means „Track Visualisation“. This web-based module shows flight tracks in real time together with the produced noise on Google Maps. TraVis enables complainants to detect the noise source themselves and to report complaints directly.

TraVis improves the airport’s public relations and enables residents and complainants to get into dialog with the airport's environmental department.

Industrie- und Baustellenlärm-Monitoring

topsonic — Industrial and construction noise monitoring

Our system measures and validates noise according to national standards and is used in the vicinity of industrial plants, construction sites and race circuits. The results are often used for approval of new commercial and industrial facilities and for verifying and monitoring existing ones.

Airport Radar

topsonic — AirportRadar

AirportRadar calculates billing- and process- relevant parameters from raw radar data and forwards them to the appropriate airport systems (AODB, noise monitoring system, ramp control and ground handling services). AirportRadar serves several clients via its interfaces, for example our professional live track view ALBATROS, which is used by ramp controls and other interested parties.


topsonic — Services

Evaluation: As a service for communities, institutions and airports we offer a cost-efficient and complete operation of a noise monitoring system. Our service integrates the supply, maintenance, periodic calibration and automatic and manual correlation of noise events and noise source. It can also include the monthly deployment of reports according to the national standard.

IT-Hosting: Airport IT is an extremely safety-critical topic. The communication between noise
monitoring systems inside the airport and external noise monitoring stations is protected and access is restricted to approved individuals only. Topsonic offers you the hosting of your server and all communication with your noise monitoring stations via our IT infrastructure. The airport saves the time for daily backup procedures and the cost of purchase, configuration and maintenance. Nevertheless, the airport can access the system via fast internet and secured VPN connections (Virtual Private Network) at all times.

Leasing: All hardware of the system (noise monitoring stations, measurement equipment and servers) can be leased. This can be combined with our products Evaluation and IT-Hosting.