Noise monitoring system at Václav-Havel Airport Prague

Václav-Havel Airport is located in the Ruzyně district of the Czech capital Prague. With more than 155.000 aircraft movements per year and over 16 million passengers, it's by far the largest commercial airport in the Czech Republic.

The project includes the design, development and installation of a complete aircraft noise monitoring solution.

This solution consists of a central server unit with interfaces to the ATC radar and flight plan database of the airport as well as 14 stationary and 1 mobile noise monitoring terminals. In addition, an ATC recorder was installed, which records the pilot and tower radio in parallel on several channels and helps the user to explain possible peculiarities of a flight track.

In order to avoid misinterpretation, it is examined whether extreme weather conditions prevailed during the measurement period (for example high local wind speeds). This is done by meteorological sensors which, simultaneously to the aircraft noise events, record meteorological information at all 15 measuring points and transmit it to the central server.

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