Umwelt-Information-System TraVIS

topsonic — Environment information system TraVis

TraVis (Topsonic Track Visualisation) is a web-based module which displays on a map flight tracks together with measured noise data in the vicinity of an airport.

TraVis helps to extend the airport’s public relations and to improve the dialogue between residents, complainants and the airport environmental department.

TraVis convinces:

Some of the TraVis functionalities and characteristics:

  • Clearly laid out presentation of live or historical track and noise data
  • Different map views: terrain, satellite, road map, hybrid
  • Presentation of additional weather data (temperature, wind, rain fall, air pressure, humidity)
  • Level diagrams for the noise monitoring stations with colored gradiation of the measured values
  • Climb profiles for all flight tracks
  • Automatic noise event detection with colored identification marking
  • Graphical distance display with calculation of point of closest approach for flight tracks
  • Detailed flight and radar data for all tracks
  • Observer’s position editable on the map
  • Historical data can be viewed up to 20 times faster
  • Comfortable measurement of distances on the map
  • Several user dependent settings possible
  • To the split second exact noise and radar data in best quality
  • Modern web user interface for efficient work
  • Intuitive user interface with comfortable zoom and navigation tools like Google Maps
  • Simple browser access from each computer or mobile device
  • Future-proof — only standard technologies are used (no Flashplayer!)
  • Appearance is adaptable to airport’s corporate identity design
  • Multi language support

TraVis Live:

Further installations are already ordered and will follow soon!