Airport Radar

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The increasing cost pressure on airports and the efficient handling of aircrafts require exact forecasts in which sequence aircraft are in inbound, at which time an aircraft is in approach, which runway is designated, and which exact departure or landing time the aircraft has.

These requirements get more and more important due to Eurocontrol’s Airport CDM. Airport CDM stands for „Airport Collaborative Decision Making“ and is a program which increases the operative effectiveness in the European airspace. Partners are Eurocontrol, the national air traffic control and the airports.

AirportRadar processes data from the following interfaces:

  • Eurocontrol ASTERIX (All Purpose STructured Eurocontrol SuRveillance Information EXchange) Radar
  • ADEXP (ATS Data Exchange Presentation)
  • TFDPS (Tower Flight Data Processing System)
  • METAR (METeorological Aerodrome Report)
  • AODB (Airport Operational DataBase)

AirportRadar works with almost all current ASTERIX formats. The physical protocol layer is either V.24 / HDLC or a socket connection.

AirportRadar calculates and distributes the following results:

  • ATD/ATA (actual time of departure / actual time of arrival)
  • ETD/ETA (estimated time of departure / estimated time of arrival)
  • Runway
  • TMO (Ten Minutes Out, Twelve Minutes Out)
  • TMF (Ten Miles fixed)
  • Arrival sequence
  • 30 Miles Out
  • 50 Miles Out
  • Hold-detection
  • Miss-Approach / Go Around / Touch & Go detection
  • Diversion detection
  • Processing of Emergency Codes (Hi-Jacked, Radio loss etc.)

Further attributes:

  • Storage of all track data in an ORACLE database (option)
  • Distribution of all plot data to unlimited count of parties (e.g. noise monitoring, and track visualization ALBATROS)
  • Mail alert on missing data or other errors
  • Parallel processing of two radar antennas with different operating modes
  • Optional support by ADSB receivers
  • Automatic barometric correction of transponder data
  • Master-/Slave operation guarantees highest availability
  • Individual adaption for each airport
  • Works as a Windows service
  • Extended logging of data
  • 24/7 maintenance contract with hotline possible

ALBATROS is a professional air situation display which uses AirportRadar as server. ALBATROS displays each aircraft in a clear and ATC friendly manner.